175 Years Klocker Brothers

Only a few companies are getting this old like our house and those 175 years Klöcker Brothers only involve the social legally traceable times. Already an entry in the year 1510 in the “Siebmacher Book of Blazons” – today in digital storage of the University Library Heidelberg – reports “patricians with the name Klöcker,“ which means dealers and merchants.

Nevertheless, according to the spirit of time, our age is often equated with immobile, conservative tradition, which does not comply with reality.

Klöcker undertsands tradition as a tendency for sustaining and the ability for improvement. Going along with it, the positive aspects of tradition will be clear, particularly the new always carries the burden of proof for superiority over the old.

Klöcker products are mainly patented. Therefore, they carry new in it and, consequently, today we defend and produce what we thought would be impossible yesterday.

175 years of tradition and a conservative attitude do not hinder a modern development.