175 Years of Change Management

With the turn to the year 2021, Klöcker presents 175 years of company history, with ups and downs, human tragedies, sorrow and happiness, painful cuts and losses as well as astonishing changes.

We have survived three wars, the hyperinflation and currency reforms; went through the German Empire, the Weimar Republic, the Third Reich, and the Federal Republic as well as the reunion. Two major fires have shaken us; the reconstruction has cost and given us power.

Different eras led to changed company constellations. Over decades, we mutated from a producer of furniture prior to the industrial revolution into the global leader for mechanical and mechatronical binding systems for today’s state of the art weaving machines of all insertion systems.

We went and lived through all four phases of the industrial development: Industry 1.0 with the steam power, Industry 2.0 with electrical power for the first time, Industry 3.0 with the electronic and now Industry 4.0 with the revolutionary digitalization.

And we have always worked with people for people.

Klöcker employees were led accordingly to the spirit of time, sometimes devoted to authorities, then hierarchically but not even in the darkest times ever inhumanly or marginally.

The respective owners always considered that employees have their own needs, education, experiences, emotions and characters that underlie the change in values besides the spirit of time.

Such adaptions over decades only succeed when a strong company culture exists which always has to be critically questioned but as well as consistently enforced.

Especially such a reliable company culture which is shaped by experiences over decades and social norms let Klöcker survive in difficult times and it still shapes the company’s actions and performances.

Therefore, it is not surprising that our long-time business partners appreciate exactly such kind of work and reliability, especially in times in which the widespread arbitrariness is increasingly lifted by the social media.

Today, Klöcker is a stock corporation which is conscious about its roots but not comparable to those anymore. Just the last thirty years let the company change from a craft business to a mechatronical manufacturer; represented on all five continents, with dependences abroad, a modern, capital-intensive machine park supported and run by very well-educated specialists.

We are proud on that – not only in the anniversary year.