Communication and Cooperation

In the virtual world of conference rooms, a management culture has risen considering the uncritical support of the management as loyalty on the one hand and justified, constructive criticism as suspicious fouling of the nest on the other hand. After having studied all modern means of communication carefully, we thus chose a method being second to none in view of efficiency: people, chairs, time, listening.

We communicate in a modern, open and clear way.

We appear modestly, but self-confidently.

We challenge conventional methods over and over again and develop new solutions to the benefit of our customers.

We concentrate discussions and meetings on the two questions: “What is the problem?” and “How can we solve it?”

If problems show up, we use these as a chance to learn, without justification and search for culprits.

We appreciate being a role model and by communicating our active measures externally, we encourage our business partners to address social responsibilites as well.