Greetings from Dr. James A. Troha, President of Juniata College, on behalf of the Juniata College community and Board of Trustees.

Please accept my sincerest congratulations on your company’s 175th anniversary. The longevity of your enterprise is a testament to your commitment to forward-thinking innovation and outstanding performance.
For generations, Klöcker Brothers has served its customers with excellence and utilized good stewardship to protect the environment in pursuit of sustainability and success.

Your company is a rare example of one that adeptly blends the traditions of long-standing commerce with the technological advances that allow for continual evolution and cutting-edge developments.
We at Juniata College are proud of the relationship which has developed between Klöcker Brothers and our institution, built upon shared values and experience.

This strong relationship can be attributed to Klöcker Brothers managing director and Juniata College alumnus, honorary degree recipient, and Trustee Emeritus Dr. Christoph Schwemmlein, to whom we are very grateful. I wish you many more successful years!