175 Years Company Klöcker Brothers

Greetings from Dr. rer. pol. A.Y. Agung Nugroho, M.M. , Department Head of MBA Program of the Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia

Congratulations to Klöcker Brothers for reaching 175 years, an extraordinary achievement. Based on a 1955’s survey, the average age of a company was 61 years, nowdays the age of the company gets shorter, it will only remain 17 years. Reaching the age of 175 years and getting through various centuries starting from German Empire, the Weimar Republic, the Third Reich, and the Federal Republic is a long journey. Of course, the company has had many valuable practices so that the company is always able to adapt to all the changing times.

Klöcker Brothers’ creation does not only stay in Germany itself, but also reaches out to various countries, inclusively Indonesia. The company’s guidelines has colored and improved Indonesia’s relations with Germany through public diplomacy, like an embassador also improved the relation between the citizens. This public diplomacy has become an important part of international and intercultural communication today. Governments in many countries have also encouraged the intensification of public diplomacy in a world which is currently very interconnected. The relationship between citizens is believed to be more durable and able to build better relations because it is free from the economic and political interests that often change today.

As an example of a well-developed public diplomacy relationship is the relationship between Klöcker Brothers and the Faculty of Business Administration and Communications at Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia. In a first meeting in 2009, the Klöcker Brothers which has a branch in Bandung, West Java, has initiated a cooperative relationship that has continued to this day. The form of cooperation aims for conducting student exchanges. At that time the company is the liaison between Unika Atma Jaya with the Wesphalian University of Applied Sciences in Germany. Klöcker Brothers also helped financing the students who were sent to participate in this student exchange activity.

The special about this student exchange program turns out to be getting bigger nowadays. Every year the number of exchange students of Unika Atma Jaya are increasing, likewise students from Germany who were sent to Unika. Currently there are more than 60 students who are alumni of this students exchange program. They have worked at various well-known companies in Indonesia, for example in the automotive sector, banking, logistics and so on. The valuable experience they have received in Germany while participating in students exchange programs has added value to their successful career at these companies. Not only that, some of the alumni also became more interested in pursuing further studies in various countries in Europe after their insight was opened.

This program was initially only attended by business administration students, but now it has developed where students from the Communication Science, Economics and Faculty of Engineering study programs are also involved in this program. The program that was originally pioneered and initiated by Klöcker Brothers has also brought a broader international atmosphere to Unika Atma Jaya and the Wesphalian University of Applied Sciences. Through this program we managed to get an Erasmus+ scholarship from the European Union for two consecutive years which allows more exchange students to be sent. Besides that, we are currently implementing another international program, namely GIPE (Global Intercultural Project Experience) which runs from 2019 to 2023 and involves 4 countries from 4 continents, from Germany, Indonesia, Namibia and Peru. International cooperations that can be established are increasingly developing and involving more countries.

We have been able to accomplish a lot in the international area today, and it started with an informal meeting we had with the Klöcker Brothers in 2009. The relationship between the nations became closer and broader in scope due to the assistance of the Klöcker company. It is hoped that this cooperative relationship will continue. Mutual understanding between cultures is created to lead to better world conditions in the future.

Thank you from us to Klöcker Brothers which has pioneered good cooperations until now. The experience we get is a very valuable experience. I hope there are many other good things we can do together to create a better life for all mankind.
Happy 175th birthday to Klöcker Brothers.

Dr. rer. pol. A.Y. Agung Nugroho, M.M. , Department Head of MBA Program of the Atma Jaya Catholic University of Indonesia