175 years – just the number clarifies what Klöcker Brothers achieved over generations. Since 1846, the company successfully asserted itself on the market. Tradition awareness and innovative energy, down-to-earth attitude and internationalization, continuity and atmosphere of departure – those are not opposites in the German Westmünsterland area but a foundation for impressive stories of success.

When a company exists such a long time, it must have extraordinary qualities. One of these qualities is the ability to always go new ways and offer innovative solutions. More than 130 patents impressively show how outstanding this succeeded again and again. Klöcker Brothers belongs to this kind of companies that worked together with science early on – already at a time when transfer of technology was rather a foreign term than an everyday practice in the German middle class. Winning the innovation prize Münsterland for science and economy in 1997 made the company’s extraordinary performance beyond our region open to the public eye. This popular prize was the company’s well-deserved reward for excellent competence of innovation. Innovation – that was and is a certain key for success and expansion for many hidden champions in our region.

That refers greatly to the guiding principles of Klöcker Brothers, giving just the best for customers and being faster and more efficient than others. Promises will be kept and reliability is the supreme principle. That is how it succeeded to build trust throughout the world. At the same time, the company is aware of its social responsibility, regarding its contribution to a sustainable development of our environment. All this is publicly expressed on the company’s website. The company Klöcker Brothers, the executive management and all employees deserve a special appreciation for that!

Klöcker Brothers is a real flagship for performance power of our domestic, middle-class characterized economy. At the same time, it is an excellent ambassador for quality and reliableness in the German Westmünsterland area. For other businesses, it is a role model for rapidity, reliability and efficiency.

As the County Commissioner of Borken but also as the chairman of the supervisory board of business development agency for Borken, I am very proud that this company has got its head quarter here in our region.

I sincerely congratulate to this special anniversary and wish the best success and all the best for the future to the executive management as well as all employees.