How to do it?

We are honest, reliable and fair.

We are self-confident.

We know it is the individual rather than the computer who is the most important link.

We know, sales is about taking care of relations, therefore well educated employees are the calling card of our company.

We know, written is still not read, read is still not understood, understood is still not agreed, agreed is still not implemented, implemented is still not kept to.

We trust in our common sense instead of hiding beneath paperwork.

We do a good job and are thinking permanently what to improve and/or what to do more efficiently. Obtained knowledge is realised at once.

We know that no problem will be solved if we wait for others to do so.

If we discover a problem or a solution, we remain responsible until the problem is solved or until the solution is realised.

We are looking for business-oriented contacts and ways, pass on information to those who need them and get those information that we require on our own.

We adjust our development programme exclusively to the market by giving special emphasis to the customer benefit on the one hand and by covering future requirements with innovations on the other hand.

We support our partners with our complete knowledge, our abilities and our commitment. By respecting ethical principles, we are looking for the shortest way leading to the objective. At the same time we put ourselves in our business partners‘ position, realize their requirements and therefore grant the basis for a productive and market-oriented solution.

Our partners obtain an informative answer to inquiries in 70 % of cases within one working day and in 100 % of cases within two working days. Furthermore, at our plants the languages German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Indonesian, Japanese and Chinese are covered.

Everybody talks about a knowledge-based society and the will to innovate – we are taking the initiative. We closely cooperate with universities in Germany and the USA through private resources.

We know that only those who are willing to put forth the effort will claim the future and therefore we have the willingness for performance – a quality without which success in culture, politics and economics is impossible.

Within the framework of our business objectives we continue to support individuals with entrepreneurial ambitions and any employee who shows constructive initiative and business savvy.

We let us judge exclusively according to our performance.

We treat our suppliers as courteously as our customers.

We follow these principles out of conviction and we know that we are only successful if we act in a customer-oriented way and in the interest of all parties involved. Only thereby we create real value increases.

Why are we so confident and where does the optimism come from?

Quite simply: We have not forgotten where we come from, know our history.

Therefore our foundation is reliable and our future exciting.