Intensive year of trade fairs 2018 successfully completed

After having successfully started with the intensive year of trade fairs 2018 in Indonesia and Turkey in spring 2018, the company Klöcker now continued with its ambitious trade fair programme.

Thus, Klöcker participated in the international textile machinery show KTM 2018 in Kahramanmaras in Turkey in September 2018 on a common booth having been organized by its representation Alesta while presenting its large product range to the interested customers locally within the scope of personal meetings.

Immediately following this engagement, Klöcker exhibited on a common booth on the EXINTEX 2018 in Puebla/Mexico at the beginning of October 2018 before the journey continued directly from the American continent to Asia, where the Klöcker delegation finally visited the ITMA ASIA + CITME 2018 in Shanghai/China.

Especially in China the dark side of the show, however, was demonstrated by several dubious traders mostly using the event as a platform for selling illegally pirated copies. Nevertheless, Klöcker could successfully stop the sale of pirated version of the patented K-MAG® Leno Heald under supervision of an attorney during the show.

Besides the well-known proven and esteemed quality production programme of Klöcker particularly the new products, like the DiskRunner®, as well as customer-individual solutions both for technical fabrics and Jacquard weaving were increasingly in the focus of the interested visitors.