It can work well with each other

A village and a worldwide working business in Weseke. For 175 years now, it works. All respect and the dearest congratulations from me personally and the parish St. Ludgerus.

How that works is a legitimate question. Like usual, it would be impossible, if one would know what to expect in the future. The known little (and of course also some bigger) steps are necessary to build, maintain and consistently lead such a company.

Handcrafting can do it! Hand and craft – that already sounds like down-to-earth in the manual work and like striving ahead in the word craft as an expression of big production facilities, transnational relationships and industrial knowledge. Through several political eras and highs and lows in the operational history, Klöcker has developed into a company that is on the way of all continents and became a modern manufacture.

I am aware that I address a sore point here in Weseke with the reference to production facilities on other continents. It created a stir that an important part of the production in the company history was shifted to Indonesia. In the end, headlines of all kinds belong to an anniversary and that is why I explicitly want to address this. That companies, sectors and industries develop is obvious to everyone. The fact that the own location and possibly the own work place is affected challenges us.

To lead a business into the 21st century and simultaneously being active worldwide and staying present here at place is a challenge which was faced by the younger company history. It is an expression of success that groundbreaking decisions have set up your company so well. At the same time the leading and the knowledge always stayed at the headquarter. There are values that help us passing those challenges.

A company has to take care of employees, the product and the company. It took over responsibility. The employees must be socially well-positioned; the product needs lasting innovation and the business the necessary economical stability. It is great that the executive board took care of all, otherwise Klöcker would not exist.

Let’s take a look at the beginning: It all started with the handcrafting and is still an essential component of the products’ quality nowadays. What happened to that: an operation which still generously residents in our location and simultaneously maintains worldwide relationships. The location – Westmünsterland – rural and international at the same time, that sounds great. The rural character is expressed by a family business, solidarity over generations and resistance. The international character is shown by the cross-border worldwide activities.

Klöcker focuses on continuity and development in their relationships and products. An important constant is the location Borken. It stays the guarantor for values that you carry with your engagement into the world. When one works and plans with responsibility coming from Christian values, fair conditions are ensured. Therefore the responsibility to take care of humans and families beyond the product stays.

Much works with each other: Village and world, hand and craft. Like Klöcker, if a manufacture 4.0 becomes out of it, one has to show that a lot works together regardless of borders. I am thankful to you and all your employees.

I wish all the best to you as the responsible executive board and all your employees, and God’s blessings to your plans in the near and far future.

It is nice when it works with each other.