Klöcker cancels exhibition participations for 2021

The company Gebr. Klöcker GmbH in Germany with its subsidiaries in Indonesia and the USA is a competent weaving technical contact offering mechanical and mechatronical leno devices on half-cross, cross motion and full-cross leno basis for dobbies and Jacquard weaving machines including all necessary accessories.

After intensive internal discussions, Klöcker decided not to take part as an exhibitor in international trade fairs in 2021 due to the Corona pandemic.

Based on the unpredictable development, the foreseeable restrictions as well as the connected requirements, we will not be able to provide our usual service at the information booth to our exhibition visitors.

Numerous conversations with our customers in the past weeks have shown that the concerns based on the omnipresent current planning uncertainty are really far-reaching. Even travel restrictions for our global customers need to be feared. Moreover, the necessary hygienically protection of employees and visitors by extensive hygiene concepts influence the exhibition experience considerably.

Result oriented, these insights forced Klöcker to make this unpopular step.

If in year 2022, subject to special conditions, the known exhibitions will take place, Klöcker will be present.

In the meantime, Klöcker works on alternative concepts allowing the personal contact in usually high quality and providing our customers an individually developed solution.