Klöcker Forecast

With 90 percent export ratio worldwide open markets are as of significant importance for Klöcker as international supply chains which have been grown over decades. One of the major strengths of Klöcker Bros. is the network and honesty for trading which has been worked out over many years.

There is no doubt that the energy and raw materials coming from Russia, the safety from the USA and the booming markets in India and Asia helped Klöcker in performing.

This business model, however, is currently getting more and more unstable due to the war in the Ukraine and the tensions in Taiwan. High costs for energy, raw materials and wages are leading to considerable losses in productivity, while the high inflation is tearing the nerves.

But, the status quo also includes: Klöcker is in need of worldwide cooperating partners while further producing and buying abroad cost-efficiently. Klöcker cannot afford dividing the world into good and bad depending on the spirit of time and – political correct – to work with the good only.

And of course it is not helping being pessimistic only. The world trade is that strongly networked by the globalization – which has lifted one billion people out of poverty – that neither pandemics nor wars can close and delete everything. Instead of this there is the hope that the world will not break apart any further, but will rather turn to grow together while cooperation will then again define acting.