Klöcker meets Social Media

The Klöcker team is glad to welcome Mrs. Kim Grabes as cooperation student being assigned to establish the digital appearance of the group of companies.


Mrs. Grabes signed up for communication studies majoring in Social Media, minor Business Management, and graduated last May at the well-known Juniata College in the United States where it is all about digital culture. Thus, she is familiar with the corresponding basics and functionality of related web services while disposing of both practical and theoretical knowledge.


Adding to her current master studies, Mrs. Grabes will systematically make use of a social media manager’s different fields of competence in a B2B scope and develop a presentation meeting both, the changing overall manner of communication as well as the individual character of the enterprise, after having analysed the status quo in line with the industry standard and having opened up adequate web services.


Klöcker is looking forward to the result oriented collaboration and will support Mrs. Grabes the best possible way in performing her task.