Klöcker product developments establishing on the market

Besides the well-known proven and esteemed quality production programme of Klöcker particularly new products enjoying growing popularity with various applications.

Thus, the K-MAG® Leno Heald in reversed special version being subject to a bolt in the upper magnet area and a clamping piece at the bottom is increasingly required. The successful application results in both, minimizing material-caused dust problems and optimizing the technically challenging production of leno fabrics. The user-friendly installation on dobbies without any additional equipment being necessary is of special advantage.

Moreover, the new Jacquard Leno Heald with rapid lock system is particularly in the focus of interested customers especially with technically demanding fabrics in the field of Jacquard weaving. The installation of this leno heald is carried out very user-friendly by means of the rapid lock system allowing moreover an advantageous height and re-adjustment to the weaving shed without the extensive knotting of the harness cord. Due to the extremely narrow version the Jacquard Leno Heald can be used for pattern applications as well.

At the same time, the hybrid leno is currently successfully being used on different types of projectile weaving machines both on the weft side and catch selvedge and moreover in the center in order to create a full-cross selvedge.

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