Klöcker promotes international education

Once again, Manuela Tenbeitel and Marion Hoffjann represented the educational interests of Klöcker at the vocational college Oswald-von-Nell-Breuning in Coesfeld/Germany, while talking about basic conditions and opportunities in a changing international work environment.

The ladies went into an experience based dialogue with students of the current and following senior class of the State Certified Commercial Assistants for Foreign Languages having been impacted by the increasing challenge of matching the work requirements and the special interests of the young generation.

Being graduates, Mrs. Tenbeitel and Mrs. Hoffjann recognized changes that happened not least basing on politically initiated educational settings and on the development of the overall willingness to learn during the past 30 years the course has been offered in Coesfeld.

The Klöcker delegation stood up for their expectations, made use of the requirements of the global environment and took the opportunity to motivate the listeners to take their individual life path seriously and to not leave out on the chance of achieving a found linguistic and commercial education regardless of their personal preferences and strengths.

The college’s press article in German language can be read here.