Klöcker starts research project with excellence university RWTH in Aachen

As part of the research project TwistRunner in collaboration with the Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen, some Klöcker-specialists in the corporate area of mechatronics develop a system to compensate torsion in rovings for fiber reinforced composites. This elimination could lead to an improvement of more than 30% in mechanical properties.

Due to stricter environmental guidelines, the interest in lightweight construction materials is increasing. Since weight savings mean less fuel and thus less CO2. Corresponding individual items record high component prices and therefore are currently only used selectively. For that reason, it is worked on reducing material costs and making work processes more efficient. For example, this succeeds by the use of so-called heavy tows, which bring about the stretching of the filaments throughout the spreading process. Arising twists of the yarn could reduce those advantages.

The research project TwistRunner starts there in order to avoid those twists. Klöcker is developing a disc rotation module including fiber guiding elements as well as a bobbing rotation module, which in combination with a camera system removes the twist from the roving.

Klöcker hopes to be able to complete the ambitious project during the year 2021.