About us at our location in Germany

Klöcker Bros. is a traditional mid-sized, privately owned and thus independent company with its main office in Borken in Westphalia, Münsterland, close to the Dutch border.

A public transportation system provides convenient access to nearby larger cities and their various institutions of higher learning.

For over 165 years the company designs and markets products that are on the cutting edge of industry and tailored to its customer’s special requirements while being specialized in tool and mold construction as well as industrial mechatronic products.

Solving unusual types of problems at home and abroad is an integrated part of our daily work which we are pleased to carry out.

As a comprehensive manufacturer, we produce tools and industrial components cost-efficiently at our location in Borken, Germany, whereas work intensive processes, such as assembly activities, have been outsourced to our plant in Bandung, Indonesia. The manufacturing in both of our works exclusively follows the relevant quality aspects outlined in DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2015 and, in addition, environment-friendly according to the environmental management system DIN EN ISO 14001 : 2015.

Our development takes place in Germany, labour-intense acitivities in Indonesia. Responsibility for administration, sales and logistics are divided among our worldwide locations. The relevant international bulk buyers receive service and technical assistance from our German location. Our customers in Africa, Australia, New Zealand, China, Europe, India, Japan, Latin America, North America, Russia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific, Taiwan receive materials and technical support from Germany and Indonesia. All business operations are backed by the latest information technology.

Klöcker products are sold through a global network of agencies in all five continents. Our representatives and service technicians continually improve their expertise making them highly trained specialists who have an excellent reputation in international markets.

We see the global competition as a challenge which we face with high quality, an outstanding price-performance ratio, an enlarged service programme and excellent customer service. Our employees are well-skilled, team oriented and prefer an open and honest communication.

Moreover, as a longstanding global player Klöcker has realized and systematically implemented in time the strategic necessities going along with the currently dramatically transforming competitive landscape. Within the scope of our revised strategic line-up, we have enlarged our service programme in a first step and now offer tool design and construction by benefiting from the experiences in this area which we have gained during the last decades for our own requirements.

Klöcker provides challenging educational opportunities in the area of tool and mold construction as well as industrial mechatronics. Underwriting internships and work study options are as self-evident for Klöcker as the academic pursuit of a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. In this respect, the company maintains close ties to universities at home and abroad.