Medical technology featured by Klöcker

For years, Klöcker has been well known as a top-ranking supplier of selvedge motions and related devices for the production of both technical and medical fabrics around the globe. Dealing with gauze and hygiene fabrics, Klöcker now succeeded entering the field of medical technology. Outperforming by experienced staff, valid certifications and professional know-how, Klöcker managed to win over a renowned creator who had asked for engineering expertise in developing and producing tools and moulds.

Thus, most challenging packaging containers for various kinds of implants as well as piston rods and backstops for syringes are being produced at the Borken site right now, serving a booming market.

In this context, the company’s history of 176 years shall be well considered: Originally a manufacturer of furniture having survived two world wars and repeated inflation, subsequently production of weaving shuttles including international sales. Next fabrication of mechanical selvedge motions for weaving machines, proceeding with continuous advancement of the same basing on mechatronical control technology including high-performance electronics now alongside avant-garde medical engineering.

Klöcker Bros. live up to their tradition throughout the modern spirit.