Substantial medical investments

Klöcker is currently entering the second phase of medical expansion investments at its location in Borken. High-performance injection moulding machines for dental and surgery ceramics will shortly start producing – made in Germany – under optimized clean-room conditions at the site in Weseke.

The new machines are unexceptionally fully electronic, i. e. pulluting hydraulic oil is no longer required. Software-controlled consumption optimization minimizes energy demand. Robotic guarantees process reliability.

Comprehensive training measures of the employees at home and abroad resulted in successful audit certificates of the examination authorities. First bulk orders from market leading German key suppliers of dental and surgery ceramics immediately followed.

Again, a new and future-oriented technology entered into the company during the 177th year of operation after already having successfully implemented the mechatronical division many years ago. It is very interesting that this development is still originating from the textile industry. Woven gauzes, elastic bandages, artificial arteries, eardrums and heart valves consequently allowed the entrance into demanding medical engineering.

Klöcker remains faithful to its roots and principles: basically an international, but conservative base which is protecting and living anything worth to be saved while facing new things with open-minded attitudes.