Trade Shows 2017 completed in Shanghai/China

Having terminated this year’s final textile machinery exhibition Shanghaitex on November 30th, 2017, Klöcker pleasingly takes stock of trade fairs 2017.


Thus, most valuable new contacts could be established at the booth shared with the local agent Lamiflex mainly regarding glass weaving, particularly given the great market potential of this sector and its increasing demand for special technical textiles throughout weaving mills in China and – due to numerous parent companies – also Taiwan.


Klöcker favourably records the fact that apart from the interested Chinese persons, many Taiwanese glass weavers presented themselves at the booth in Shanghai together with the corresponding Klöcker agent Wellfirm in order to elaborate business ties or first contracts with Klöcker Bros. as well.


Directly after the exhibition, a Klöcker weaving technician will travel to Taiwan early December in order to install the K-GLASS® Selvedge Motion in several major weaving mills.


Shanghaitex is being considered as entire success by Klöcker, however, minor participation of all well-known European manufacturers of weaving machines turns out to be quite surprising. The reasons probably will remain a secret – and might be subject to both, cost related aspects and the ongoing serious extent of Chinese plagiarism.


Definitely, Klöcker enthusiastically is awaiting the upcoming year of trade shows already today.