Maquitex 2022 in Portugal

On the occasion of the 18th edition of the Maquitex 2022 which took place from November 10th until 12th, 2022 Klöcker presented its products in cooperation on the booth of its local representation J. Baptista & Ca., Lda. in Porto/Portugal. The last show of this kind was already organized in the year 2017.

KTM 2022 in Turkey

For the third time, Klöcker was personally present at the exhibition KTM in Kahramanmaras together with their representation Alesta Mümessillik from November 3rd until November 5th, 2022.

Medical engineering investment by Klöcker

Basing on medical fabrics expert knowledge having been collected for decades, Klöcker is ready to make a considerable six-figure sum investment regarding injection moulding machines at its site in Borken in order to produce synthetic and ceramic based precision parts for healthcare supplies applying cleanroom conditions.


Klöcker’s 175th Anniversary



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