Klöcker Bros. are aware of the responsibility towards the society and future generations. For this reason, Klöcker pursues a strict principle of sustainability: internally, the instruction to cross-generationally preserve resources applies.

A balanced compliance with economical, ecological and social requirements has to be constantly achieved in order to protect this sustainable development.

Within the range of ecological sustainability and in the course of the hazardous materials used, Klöcker attaches utmost importance to ensuring substitution by means of environmentally compatible or rather regrowing materials. Klöcker actively forces climate protection by the extensive adjustment of the company-owned car pool on bivalent drive and the exemplary filtering of waste air. All employees of Klöcker live with great environmental awareness the protection of existing, natural resources.

A management being successful in the long run is characterized by the protection of interests of future generations. For this reason, the management of Klöcker Bros. attaches utmost importance to economical sustainability which manifests itself in both early and intensive education and advanced training of future generations as well as a deliberate financial planning, sustainable improving of substance and financial strength. By means of a new strategical positioning, future generations will get the opportunity to continue the business successfully.

Klöcker stands for social sustainability by cultural and social commitment. Especially under the consideration of social aspects, it is important to preserve the same chances for both the current and the future generation and to implement their requirements. Thus, the social commitment of Klöcker is intended for the long-term and represented by every individual employee.

With the target of optimizing economical, ecological as well as social requirements in the conflict of aims, Klöcker works every day on providing the same resources to future generations that are now being provided to the current generation.