Environmental Care

In the endeavour to improve the protection of the environment in the scope of the industrial production, a constant improvement of the company’s environmental policy is to be forced. Consequently, environmental protection is traditionally of significant importance to Klöcker.

Sustainable measures for environmental care basically require an analysis of the internal material flow. On this basis, Klöcker introduced an environmental management system according to DIN EN ISO 14001 : 2015 – the certification has been extended for another three years by the Technical Control Board North Cert.

This means, for example, to use raw materials efficiently, to optimize production processes under the consideration of ecological aspects and to close material cycles. But this is also standing for selecting the material choice of product components during the time of development in a manner to allow a later return into the raw material cycle at any time without problems. This way, natural resources are treated with care in consideration of sustainability.

Another focus at Klöcker is the efficient waste separation which has been introduced at an early stage and is continuously being implemented actively by the employees. With the target of avoiding waste and for meeting the legal regulations of the circulatory economic and waste law, increasing quantities of our goods are being shipped to customers and/or suppliers in returnable packagings. Klöcker uses degradable materials and prefers ecologically oriented partners as suppliers in order to continue the development of the recycling of waste.

In addition to the conversion of our heating system to natural gas powering, the boiler system has been revised in order to observe binding limits now and in the future. Furthermore, a good part of the company-owned car pool has been reconverted on bivalent drive for meeting the strictest standards of toxic and emission.

Particular consideration is given to the water pollution control: Klöcker has installed circulatory systems which are reducing fresh water consumption to the evaporation part. However, as water pollution may not be avoided with some production processes, special water processing systems within the production cycles are reducing fresh water consumption to a minimum.

Based on these steps Klöcker will continue to work on innovative solutions and improvements of its environmental management system, since ecological targets being reached support permanent economical success.