01 June 2015: Honorary degree received in the USA

Dr. Christoph Schwemmlein

WESEKE. An honorary degree of „Humane Letters“ now was received by Dr. Christoph Schwemmlein, managing director of the engineering company Klöcker Bros. from Weseke, within the scope of the commencement at Juniata College in Huntingdon, USA.

Yet there was another reason for celebrating: Son Arnold, who had actively supported the development department of Klöcker Bros. in the past years as a cooperation student during his semester breaks, was one of 351 students who graduated that day. He left the college “summa cum laude” as a Bachelor of Science majoring maths and physics.

Dr. Christoph Schwemmlein accompanied the celebration as a speaker. He talked about his personal experiences and impressions as young student – especially on the day of his own graduation at Juniata College in 1984. Thus, he reminded the young degree holders to be “proud of their achievements, but not to forget about the people who guided them on their way”.

Source: Daily newspaper “Münsterlandzeitung“, June 1st, 2015