13 February 2009: Klöcker Bros.: Enlargement starts this year

Weseke. Good things come to those who wait. This old proverb eventually will become true for Klöcker Bros. this year. The specialists for textile machinery components plan to build two new halls during the next months.

This is what managing director Dr. Christoph Schwemmlein notified to the BZ. The total investment sums up to about 3 million euros. The new warehouse will have a surface of 1.350 spare meters. Another hall of 1.200 spare meters will accommodate injection molding technique. Around ten new jobs for professionals will be created.

An additional area of roughly 10.000 square meters between the actual grounds and the federal road B70 which Klöcker had bought earlier (BZ reported) will offer enough space for the enlargement. In order not to cut the premises, the street “Im Thomas” will run underneath the federal road. The middle part of the street will be taken out of the public road network to be added to the commercial site. The council therefore recently decided to modify a property barter agreement. This was agreed upon by the majority, the spokesman of the city of Borken Bernd Kemper declared.

Managing director Christoph Schwemmlein shakes his head when he thinks of all the aimless chatter. The development plan which the city of Borken initially had prepared got refused from the end of the administrative court in Münster.

“After more than five years we are back again where we had started five years ago” Schwemmlein says. “A long time that cost not only the company a lot of money, but also the tax payer” he adds. If the halls could have been built earlier, Klöcker Bros. were a lot better prepared for the crisis.

Schwemmlein sharply criticized the major of the district Hubert Börger: He played “a dubious role” when he had sold the grounds to Klöcker first and opposed the company’s plans later on. Börger rejected this reproach vis-à-vis the BZ: He never hindered Klöcker. “Weseke is looking forward to the enlargement plans Schwemmlein announces”, Börger underlines. “Yet he needs to put them into practice.”

Von Peter Berger

Source: Daily newspaper “Borkener Zeitung”, February 13th, 2009