23 December 2008: About People

Employees and management of Klöcker Bros. from Weseke were glad to congratulate quite some staff in view of their long-standing company membership within the scope of a ceremony.

Christa Hövelbrinks from Ramsdorf, Wolfgang Hopp from Alstätte and Ludwig Gielnik from Borken each were given disctinction for having been with Klöcker Bros. for 25 years, while Josef Wentholt from Südlohn was paid special tribute for his 40 years seniority.

In a world increasingly focusing on gaining more profit, it would be a pleasure to pause for a moment in order to thank deserved employees for their longtime fidelity and loyalty. After all, it was said, such virtues significantly had contributed to the worldwide success of Klöcker for more than 160 years.

Source: daily newspaper “Borkener Zeitung“, December 22nd, 2008