29 April 2007: Klöcker, it’s your turn!

Know-how in tool engineering and design is now offered to outside companies.

Borken. From now on, Klöcker Bros. with their main site in Borken also offer their extensive know-how in the field of tool engineering and design to outside companies. The new service range which primarily aims at the metal and plastic material processing sector is part of the strategic positioning of the medium-sized company.

So far, the international manufacturer made use of its capacities and knowledge concerning tool engineering and design for own purposes only and on an extremely high level. There are only a few industries which require such a highly accurate and technically demanding work as the textile sector. Klöcker successfully develops and produces mechatronical composites for weaving machines and internationally ranges among the companies being the most recommended in this branch.

A specialty of the Borkeners: they develop and produce all the tools as well as the entire product range themselves. Solving extraordinary problems and tasks on a national and international level is part of their daily work. Any product exclusively is adapted to the individual customer’s needs. This becomes possible through the latest technologies, an ambitious team and the far-reaching know-how of the medium-sized company which has grown over many years.

These characteristics are also true for the department of construction and design of tools in particular, which plays a significant role concerning the structure of the company. During the last couple of months, Klöcker Bros. primarily have invested in machines and the latest C-technologies for this department – not least in order to face the continuously growing competition from the BRIC-nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China). Klöcker Bros. will now provide other companies with their longstanding experience and the permanent enlargement of their competencies in the field of construction and design of tools – within the scope of contract manufacturing.

For instance, Klöcker addresses companies doing business in the metal and plastic material processing industry and being in need of punching, forming, progressive or complex injection molding tools. Klöcker constructs and manufactures the necessary appliances and systems. For this purpose, the experts make use of 3D-CAC-working stations, linked and flexible machining centers with up to five axes, vertical eroding as well as electric wire discharge machines and highly accurate inspection instruments.

The prototyping department is equipped with a punch and conventional injection molding machines and offers fast availability of trial and zero series. Thus, Klöcker secures both rapid availability and smooth usage of the tools in the production process.

Know-how of Klöcker

Project management, engineering and manufacturing – everything first class. As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), Klöcker offers a lot of experience in terms of differentiated project management, construction, tool construction and design, cost minimization, production and process reliability. During the past years, Klöcker intensely and consequently has invested. Thus, business people, engineers and skilled workers can make use of the latest and reliable working materials. Thanks to many joint projects in cooperation with demanding customers, Klöcker is more than familiar with the entirety of necessary leading and organizational duties as well as techniques and any aids that are inevitable for the successful settlement of a project.

Goal oriented teamwork of employees of the relevant departments and cost minimizing interface software that supports communication between man and machine creates customer optimized products which rightfully deserve the name “Made in Germany”. Inspection and measurement instruments on the basis of non-contact optical procedures as well as automated measuring through analogue and digital calipers with highest dissolution guarantee the process reliability which is expected from German products.

Internationally positioned

Efficiency is the prerequisite of success.

For more than 160 years the company Klöcker Bros. – this name is only half as old though – stands for ambitious and successful entrepreneurship. In this respect, the company from Borken always has understood how to respond to the needs of the market. Up to now, the brand Klöcker primarily represents a mark of quality for an internationally known and appreciated high-quality product in the market of textile machine accessories. Nevertheless, the publicity of the Klöcker brand grows and stretches out over the traditional market due to more and more successes in the field of engineering.

The strengths of the B2B-company lie in the development and production of mechatronical parts for weaving mills. An abundance of patented products, such as the K-MAG® Selvedge Motion and Leno Heald family as well as the reed independent Propeller Leno® proof that the Borkeners are good at what they are doing. Names that are hard to visualize for us laymen but highly appreciated by branch experts. “Reliability, perfect magnetic control, highly developed mechatronical drive elements and a good price/performance ratio”, is how the international clientele characterizes the products of Klöcker.

The development department of Klöcker Bros. is located in Germany. Production takes place both at their main site in Borken and in Bandung, Indonesia. This is where the work intense production steps, such as assembling, are carried out. Both in Germany and Indonesia the production strictly corresponds to the appropriate guidelines of a certified quality management DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 as well as environmental friendly according to the environmental management system DIN EN ISO 14001:2005.

One reason for the persisting success of Klöcker Bros. is the continuous improvement of products and the consequent customization. Klöcker’s development engineers incessantly look for innovative application oriented solutions which live up to the weaving technical problems of the modern textile industry. Today, more than 40 highly qualified employees work at Klöcker’s main site in Germany, primarily with an academic education. Going along with the expansion of diverse subdivisions, the Borkeners frequently look for skilled MBAs, certified industrial mechanics, engineers and tool mechanics.

Apart from this, Klöcker Bros. of course offer vocational training for the classical as well as IT-job profiles. Furthermore, they keep up close contact with universities at home and abroad and supervises Bachelor and Master thesis.

Source: Daily newspaper “Borkener Zeitung”, April 29th, 2007