40 Years Anniversary at Klöcker

When our today’s Sales Manager, Mr. Wolfgang Hopp, started his apprenticeship at Klöcker 40 years ago, the world was still familiar with punch cards, telex communication and typewriters.

Keeping in mind the words of the Italian poet Dante Alighieri that “one person waits for the times to change, the other seizes the day and acts.” our Mr. Hopp is enriching our sales division since 1983 with his tireless and loyal commitment and his good intuition for the customer’s concerns. Due to his powerful support, Mr. Hopp’s ideas and his commitment significantly contributed to the success of the traditional company during the past years.

Within the scope of an internal celebration hour, Management and Employees of Klöcker congratulated Mr. Hopp to this special anniversary while expressing many thanks for the longstanding loyality and dedication to the company. The complete team wishes Mr. Hopp continuous joy of working, healthiness and success for the future.