175 Years Klocker Brothers

In the name of the Managing Executive Board of Westfalia Gemen, I sincerely congratulate to your 175 years business anniversary.

We have recognized this important company event in the reporting of the Borkener Zeitung. That is why our congratulation may be delayed. Nevertheless our wishes are not less sincere.

In your informative interview with the Borkener Zeitung, you have impressively explained that and how you dedicated yourself as the Managing Director to the well-being of Klocker Brothers.

Your commitment beyond normal degree, your self-discipline and accompanying with that your unlimited business identification are guarantors for the economic success and the development into a global leader. You give life to these characteristics and pass it on to your employees, who picked up your company´s philosophy and contribute to the realization of the business´s goals with high engagement.

Conclusion: Only with an excellent company management as well as highly motivated and qualified employees you will become a global leader and play – to say it in terms of sport – Champions League. Again, sincere congratulations to your great anniversary and furthermore success.

Best regards,
Herbert Hilvert