03 June 2014: Contacts across the atlantic ocean

Vocational college from Borken starts cooperation with Juniata College in Pennsylvania

BORKEN (pd). The students who will pass their A-levels at short notice should get a free insight into study and life at a campus in the USA. For this reason, the vocational college in Borken is getting ready to cooperate with Juniata College in Pennsylvania.

The related arrangements were made by Dr. Christoph Schwemmlein of Klöcker Bros. who acts as a „trustee“. A trustee is a kind of board member at the university. In connection with the initiation of the contacts, the president of Juniata College, Dr. James Troha, visited the German college in Borken being the capital of the district. He demonstrated the meaning of complete or partial studies in another country, which are important for the career, for big chances in matters of the salary, and for the learning experience, according to a press release. Contrary to German universities, big parts of life happen on campus. „You study there, you live there, you celebrate there“, Dr. Troha says. The complete learning experience continues by being fragmented into different subjects according to the American. He explains using the example of economic sciences being divided half into the specific subjects and half into general education.

„I made some good experience which helped me in both, private and career terms“, Dr. Schwemmlein remembered in view of his years of study at Juniata College. „Nowadays those experiences are mandatory and the investment in tuitions is more than worth it.“

Already by this year’s fall, the first students shall get the opportunity to follow a traineeship at Juniata College in order to make the decision to study there, it is pointed out finally.

Source: Daily newspaper “Borkener Zeitung“, June 03rd, 2014